For Seniors There is No Place Like Home

Technology can help parents and siblings stay better connected and more secure.

Smart Home gadgets can help caregivers, daughters and sons stay connected  with senior parents

Two-thirds of adults age 50 plus want to stay at home  independently as long as possible,1 and now smart home devices are helping make this happen.

Here’s how:

Smart Assistants. Smart assistants, like Amazon’s Echo or Google Home, can help with a variety of tasks from turning off lights to ordering groceries, and reminding them to take which medication, when. They can control entertainment, from listening to music or books, or changing stations on the television without getting up. They can even tell jokes.  Smart assistants can even place calls without having to get to a handset, which can be helpful if a loved one has fallen down and needs immediate help.

Smart Security. Whether protecting a home from break-ins or protecting the people inside from fire, smart home security cameras, like the Motorola Focus 67 Wi-Fi HD Camera, turn your smartphone or tablet into a home monitoring system. Inside security cameras allow caregivers to check in with a glance of their smartphone at any moment from anywhere with U.S. Cellular’s nationwide network. Smart locks, like the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect, allow keyless entry to family members or approved caregivers while staying securely locked to outsiders. A smart video doorbell also allows users see who is at the front door, and even answer or respond without having to get up.

Comfort. There are a number of smart devices that help create a more comfortable living environment as well. Automated thermostats, like the Nest Thermostat E, can control the temperature of the home throughout the day, help save money on energy bills and allow a user to change the temperature in the middle of the night without getting out of bed. Smart bulbs, like the Wiz A19 Lightbulb, smart plugs, like the Wemo Mini Smart Plug and smart motion sensors can illuminate an older adult’s movement through the house when its dark. Smart plugs can even get their coffee maker started in the morning as well as to make sure it gets turned off.

Health. It can be difficult to manage daily medications. The Tricella Lift 7 Smart Pillbox can help with that. Connected to a smartphone, families can monitor their loved one to make sure pills are taken on time, remind them to take their pills and track the time they actually did. Connected toothbrushes, smart EKG monitors, smart blood pressure cuffs, as well as a number of wearable devices can also help older adults stay on top of their health while remaining in the comfort of their home. Older adults can consult their physicians for more information on connected health options available.

Visit your local  U.S. Cellular store and speak to a knowledgeable associate to learn more about setting up a senior-friendly smart home.


*2018 AARP Home and Community Preferences Survey,

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