U.S. Cellular smartphone photography tips

U.S. Cellular smartphone photography tips


Nearly everyone carries a digital camera in his or her pocket capable of creating higher resolution photos    than expensive digital SLR cameras sold a dozen years ago. According to a recent U.S. Cellular survey,* 81 percent of smartphone owners take photos with their device and a growing number (65 percent) are using their devices to access social media on a daily basis, allowing them to share those images with friends and family.

Yet even with the availability of smart devices such as Apple’s iPhone 6s, Samsung’s Galaxy 7 and LG’s G5, and tablets such as the various iPads and Samsung Galaxy Tabs, that are packed with high resolution cameras and software to improve picture-taking, all too often the results could be better.

“Technological improvements in the past few years have transformed photography for the masses much the same way George Eastman’s Kodak Brownie cameras did at the turn of the 20th century and Edwin Land’s Polaroid instant cameras did in the 1950s and ‘60s,” said Nathan Waddell, director of sales for U.S. Cellular in the Mid-Atlantic. “By following some simple rules and using a national wireless network, people can shoot better pictures, capturing important moments and then sharing them with family and friends through social media.”

To celebrate National Nature Photography Day on June 15 and National Camera Day on June 29, U.S. Cellular has created a list of tips below to get the best photos with your smartphone.

  • Check the Lens: Use a clean, soft cloth to wipe away any dirt or lint from the lens on the back of the camera as well as on the front (for selfies). A dirty lens will cause parts of the picture to be out of focus.
  • Light Your Subject Well: The better lit your subject is the clearer your image is likely to be: consider where your light source is coming from and how the angle of the light source will reflect on your subject material.
  • Keep it Steady: As with all digital photography, the steadier your phone is when taking your shot, the clearer your image will be. Use a small tripod or lean your device against a solid object when taking shots, especially taking into account that in low light situations ‘shutter lag’ (the time between when you press the shutter and when the camera takes the shot) can be noticeably increased. Manual Mode on the LG G5 has an on-screen Level Gauge setting that ensures you get squared and leveled shots every time.
  • Frame it Up: Remember the Rule of Thirds (avoid placing your subject squarely in the middle of your frame but a third of the way in) and how you want your subject to be portrayed.
  • Check Your Composition: Consider what your subject is: keep in mind what is in the background, try different angles, try your photo both vertically and horizontally to choose which orientation best portrays your subject, look at how the colors in your frame complement each other, etc.
  • Take Plenty of Pictures & Learn: The advantage of digital photography (especially with camera phones) is the ability to capture many shots quickly with unlimited film and the ability for instant feedback, all at no cost.
  • Edit Images Later: While it’s easy to use your camera phone’s built-in editing and effects, editing pictures later on your computer produces much better quality images.

*U.S. Cellular survey conducted Nov. 12-21, 2015 by Consumer Insights, in partnership with Maritz CX. A total of 735 online interviews were conducted among a nationally representative sample.

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